Ethical Trading Policy

LAST REVISED: 19.04.23
5 min

Why do we put this policy in place?

We are firm believers that transparency is key to building trust in the NFT space. To
promote the growth of our Anime Metaverse community, we, as the project leadership,
have the responsibility to lead the way.

While we strive to share information within the team based on a “need to know” basis,
every Anime Metaverse & LiquidX team member, including our Discord moderators, may
have access to price-sensitive information periodically.

By enforcing this ethical trading policy, we acknowledge that the Anime Metaverse team
will have information that may impact the price of Anime Metaverse NFTs from time to
time. This policy is set in place to govern those instances.

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to all Anime Metaverse team members and LiquidX team members,
their families, and any entities that may be subject to their influence. By default, it also
covers the individuals or entities to whom price-sensitive information is shared. In general,
team members are also prohibited from disclosing any insider information to any third

What does this policy entail?

This policy applies to the trading of all Anime Metaverse NFTs (e.g. Soulmates,
Supernova, Venarite Crystals, future tokens). For the purpose of this policy, “trading” is
defined as “exchange/ transfer of ownership”. This includes gifting of NFTs.

How does this policy work?

We prohibit trading based on confidential information that may influence the market prices
but has yet to be published publicly to our community. Some examples include upcoming
evolutions/airdrops and launch of events such as trainer adventures.

There will be a trading blackout leading up to all public announcements and events. The
blackout period begins from the moment an individual is made aware of an upcoming
announcement/ event and lasts until 24 hours after the announcement/event has taken
place in public. Trading during this blackout period is strictly prohibited. Listing for sale and bids to purchase made before the commencement of the blackout period are exempted.

The blackout period would also apply to any individual external to the company that
received confidential information ahead of the public from Anime Metaverse or LiquidX
team members.

Breach of policy

Any individual who accidentally trades during the blackout period must email and inform the Human Resources department about the details of the trade immediately.

Individuals found to breach this policy will be subject to termination of contract without
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